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Vogels Стойка за телевизор Vogel's PFT 2505, за екрани 32"-65", регулиране на височина, до 70кг (7325055)

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Vogel's PFT 2505

The PFT 2505 is especially designed for monitor use in studios and on stage. But also for exhibitions, showrooms and specific retail applications this is an excellent trolley solution.

Key features:
Cable storage under the base cover
Height adjustable
NOT including FAU 3150/3125 display interface
The new generation AV trolleys and stands from Vogels Brand Your Stand The new series of AV trolleys are designed to provide maximum communication power or design integration. Custom fronts offer a solution for both needs. The front cover can be easily customized by putting a sticker or print on it. This enables you to match your trolley to your interior or brand it with your company logo or a campaign sticker.

Min. screen size (inch) 32
Max. screen size (inch) 65
Max. screen weight (kg) 70
Main Color Black

Net weight including packaging (kg) 12.7
CIS (Cable Inlay System) Yes
Article number 7325055
Mounting options Single flat display solutions
Wheels Yes
Telescopic Yes

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